Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Top Website Designing Strategies To Boost Conversion Rates

An official website has become an important medium to get in touch with users worldwide and to promote one’s brand name in a better way. And conversion rates are at the crux of it. It’s like a maze that attracts users to enter and to easily reach the services/products around which the website is designed. That’s where the catch lies. If the maze is too complicated, users may leave it halfway without accessing your services or products.
Enterprise Web Cloud, the Website Designer In Mississauga, enumerates the basic website designing strategies that play an important role in increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

Easily Navigable Website Design
Site Map must be such that users have no difficulty to find what they came looking for in the first place. Simpler the sitemap, higher its user-friendliness. You must have noticed that most themes look similar these days with simpler layouts and use of drop-down menus for options. That’s for the same reason.

Here, the Law of Pithiness has to be considered which states that people are more attracted to straight forward and more organized items rather than a complicated mess. Something they can grasp in a single glance. Given the limited amount of time users give to view a web page, this law forms the backbone of site organization.

Relevant And To-The-Point Content
No user wants to know about the back story of how the website owner raised an enterprise from scratch. In certain cases giving relevant information about the educational qualifications, licensing, and certification is important to build trust but that’s it.

The bottom line is that too much frill may distract the user on why he/she visited your website in the first place. Keep the website content relevant, concise, and strictly to-the-point.

Call-To-Action And Its Placement
Call-to-Action is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Neither its nature nor its placement.
Call-to-Action is what brings users one step closer to your services/products. “Get Free Quote” button is one such example of Call-to-Action. It should be large, bright, and easily noticeable. Designers follow the Rule of Thirds and Gold Ratio to determine where to place the call-to-action button that ensures maximum response.

Responsive Website Design
Every website these days is responsive owing to the large amount of time we spend on our mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. A website that adjusts to the screen size and resolution of the device being used enhances user interaction.

But all of this may go unnoticed if your website takes time to load. Users generally close those tabs that take longer to load. A fast loading website should be prioritized above all the elements. Make sure your server is secure and up-to-date at all times.
Designing such website is a collective team effort comprising of website designers, graphics designers, developers, SEO experts, content developers, and so on. It’s a good idea to rope in the services of a competent website designing and development team such as Enterprise Web Cloud to do it for you. With a good website at hand, conversions are not far behind.

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